Why us
By choosing Sumeru, the eco-friendly printing company, for all your printing needs. Everybody should insist on printing green. You can go a long way in helping conserve the environment and ensure a greener tomorrow for our children. It is cost effective, the quality is outstanding and you will be doing your bit for the environment. We like to keep things transparent in our pricing policy, delivery and service to ensure that all of our customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeds wherever possible.

Our Service Highlights:

  • Great Infrastructure (Machine & Human Resource)
  • Quality & Speed
  • Deliverability
  • 24/7 Service (2 full shifts for critical need of client)
  • Full service with installation
  • Easy Accessibility (In the Heart of Bengaluru)
  • Dealing with Industry Giants

  • For more information regarding our products and services and to place your valuable orders you can contact us